AssisticaMD’s white label SaaS platform gets you up and running in days, with no development costs, only a nominal per-transaction fee, full integration with your software and IT support ​
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A complete, SaaS turn-key system ready to produce for a nominal per-transaction fee


Saving is attained by automating the case handling continuum from the point of case-triage, through claim-adjudication and audit. Automation, integrated networks, timely payment and improved internal efficiencies combine to reduce policy-service expense and medical claim expense from current levels to a low flat fee, per transaction.

AssisticaMD® is a self-contained WHITE LABEL infrastructure solution with optional plug & play networks; a HIPAA & GDPR compliant CRM for assistance operations, and uniform medical record template for the medical provider.

The claims processing engine features automatic claim review algorithms that approve, or disapprove direct provider disbursement.

Uncovered claims result in automatic patient billing, by the system, on behalf of the provider.

AssisticaMD® is a practical management solution and industry standard for automated, secure, web-based, universal access to credentialed medical resources that offer better rates because their claims are paid within 72-hours.

AssisticaMD® is the optimal platform for international payers and their TPA/Medical Assistance companies. AssisticaMD® democratizes access to best-in-class AND best-price-point solutions regardless of company size, credit history and networks.

AssisticaMD® democratizes access to best-in-class AND best-price-point solutions regardless of company size, credit history and networks.

AssisticaMD® includes provider-friendly features such as: Medical record template with diagnostic and treatment codes; automated provider invoice generator; payment within 72-hours from submission of invoice.

Your company can be up-and-running with AssisticaMD® within 7-business days because it is a fully customized, web-based, SaaS powered software platform.

Servicing “Small Claims” Costs Big Bucks!

The administrative expense of servicing and adjudicating small travel insurance claims ranges from $125-$250 per-case (depending on the labor environment). AssisticaMD® replaces this expense with a flat fee of about $30.00 per- transaction. Further, deployment of AssisticaMD® frees staff to focus on resolving the medium and large claims.
TPA/Assistance companies operate in a high fixed cost & labor-intensive environment. Additionally, several other distinct components, such as 24/7 operations, compliance and multinational operations combine to a high administrative overhead that is recovered by charging the payer directly or indirectly.

IT support directly from the team that created AssisticaMD® for quick problem resolution

Direct and seamless integration with your software, or we can provide the CRM.

SaaS delivery means less paperwork, less administrative burden. Your employees will be more efficient where it counts: Customer Service. ​

Nominal per-transaction fee that will make the most exacting accountant happy and increase your profit margins. ​